Ornamental Bird Cages
Ornamental bird cages and decorative bird cages for all occasions. Casual and formal, an ornate bird cage can make for unique centerpieces or simply a beautiful conversational piece. Wedding bird cages not only make for the ideal wedding card and gift holder but also represent the peaceful tranquility of a bride and grooms wedding day.

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NEW! Stunning..Hand Made Ornate Bamboo And Wood Bird Cage

- Ideal For Finches Or Small Birds

- Fantastic Talking Piece - No one Will Have One Like    This!!

Handmade in Thailand.
(Quick Worldwide 5 Day Shipping Available)

A Very Ornate Cage Piece Can Be Used For Small Birds, Planters or Simply As the Decorative Piece In Itself.

Inner Dimensions:

Height: 11.5 inches
Width: 10 inches
Bar Spacing: 1/2 inch

Comes Complete With 2 Feeder Hooks And 1 Glass Feeder Bowl And Hanging Hook.

Sliding Door and Area For Slide Out Tray
(Tray not supplied)

The Hook will be supplied unattached for shipping and can be simply attached with the screw fitting provided.
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Wedding Bird Cages

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